1. Emily Morris

    As an educator in a high poverty neighborhood in Los Angeles, I love your article. I believe we need to share our thinking and solutions with our students so they know that problems always arise in life, but there are strategies to solve them. They also need to understand the joy you get from helping others. They are also told, on a daily basis, how proud and happy they make me with their school success. Thank you for reminding teachers to address the”whole” child when teaching.

    • davedempsey

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Emily. I think we’re pretty great as a profession about addressing the needs of th whole child at the elementary level but my fear is that as kids get older and curriculum’s become more complex, we loose this sense of the whole child and become “specialists”. I understand that academics are important but rally, we’re here to raise good citizens for the world, not simply in the world. Have a wonderful day!

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