St. Marguerite’s Grade Fives Professional Learning Community

I have to thank the grade five teachers from St. Marguerite’s as they jumped off to a tremendous start with their 2011 / 2012 Professional Learning Community.  It was so obvious from watching them interact  that this is a very collaborative group of teachers who are always thinking, “How do I meet the needs of the learners in my care?”  The article Improving Relationships Within the School House by Roland Barth spoke of the importance of not simply congenial relationships but collaborative relationships, all built for the purpose of bettering our practice as educators.  I see great things for the work coming out of this particular group and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with other groups.

One of the ideas that the Grade five teachers are really exploring is the idea of their students creating and understanding the importance of the digital footprint that they leave behind.  I found this fascinating and if you’re intersted in a short TED talk on something like it, click on the link below.  It’s on your digital footprint actually becoming your digital memoire once you pass on.


Have a wonderful day.  Keep learning.


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    Thanks Dave, this was interesting.

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