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Have you ever really wondered about the information you’re sharing on your Facebook account?  They ask you all about your hobbies and your favorite music, about your interests and schooling.  But that’s just so your friends know all about you right?  Not so much.

Advertisers pay huge money to access this information so as to customize their marketing to your demographic and even directly to you.  The ads that pop up on your Facebook page are responding to the data you have submitted and they have customized your page seeing you as an individual consumer.  It even goes as far as your Safeway card.  The Safeway card records your purchasing pattern so that stores can get a better idea of a communities buying patterns and service them accordingly.  They even sell this data to Corporations so that decisions are made at the corporate level about what products to develop and which products do not sell.

We live in a time of data driven decisions.  So, what does this mean for us?  Be very aware of the data that you share.  Once the data is out their it is part of your digital footprint and it can be accessed quite easily by corporations, friends and even employers.  Many employers do a google search of your name prior to even short listing for interviews and seeing your Facebook page may not be the image you wish to portray.  I’ve attached a really great Prezi, borrowed from Edmonton Catholic’s Danny Maas and Daniel Espejo, which can help your students gain a deeper understanding of using sound judgement while in front of the computer.

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