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It’s an exciting time to be in education. As teachers, we get to be part of a transformation in education the likes of which have never been seen. While that can be an absolute thrill, for many it may well send a chill up the spine. Bombarded with initiatives like Action on Inclusion, Inspiring Education and 21st Century Learning, it can all seem a little much for teachers who are already burdened with the daunting task of engaging students and meeting strict curriculum expectations. That’s often why many teachers simply smile, nod their head and close their door . . . it’s just too much to process.

But rest assured, you are not alone. With Colleagues on board and a commitment by your Principals to free you up to collaborate more often, professional dialogues should allow you the opportunity to look at your practice and tweak a few things to ensure we’re all going the same path. And where does that path lead – always to improve student learning.

I hope everyone had a wonderful start up and wish you the very best in your school year.


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